If nothing else, at least I am creative
Back a few years ago, I wrote a letter to Ben & Jerry's ice cream company.  

They now sell it on their website: http://store.benjerry.com/pintlock.html

*B&Js changes their links often.  Go to their online store and look in the misc section*

Letter I submitted online to Ben and Jerry's Flavor recommendations

 This is not really a flavor idea, but a necessity I truly believe. The ONLY problem with the "Ben and Jerry's" ice cream is the mental turmoil I go through after I have purchased it. I currently live with three other guys between 21 and 25, and I live in constant fear of leaving my Ben and Jerry's alone in the freezer!! I can't concentrate on anything while I am at work, or out running errands. When the freezer opens, and someone catches a mere glimpse of that golden little container of eternal goodness, everything else in the freezer comparatively looks like tofu. I have tried my attempts of distraction, for example, putting a carton of an expensive Seattle based coffee manufacture's ice cream right in front of my little treasure, but to no avail!! Getting to the point, I STRONGLY suggest selling "Ben and Jerry's" in stainless steel containers with little padlocks on them. I can understand the price difference with this suggestion, but I think we would all benefit greatly from it. It would give the world a much needed peace of mind.  

P.S. bulletproof stainless steel container might not be a bad idea either!!

Thank you for your time Doug Hertle


Their return letter:


 I was getting a bit worried we'd never find you!  I called, e-mailed and finally sent you a letter.  Good to hear from you!! 

So, as you've seen the "Pint Lock" has become reality.  It took us about a year (seriously) to get here, but after vigorous development and testing the ultimate solution in Ben & Jerry's pint security is here!  We found the stainless steel to get a bit too cold in the freezer, so we had to go with plastic. 

Seriously, we received your idea way back when and thought it was so ridiculously funny, we had to make one.  We just started selling it and so far it's been a real hit.  We'll send you some of the PR it's generated! To show our appreciation for your idea, we'll be sending you some real love in the form of tons of nifty B&J graft!  What t-shirt size are you?

 Thank you very much for the idea!




I need a role-model

I also sent an idea to Swiffer to make children's clothing.  I figured if kids are going to get into everything anyway, might as well clean it too!!  Swiffer hasn't gotten back to me yet.